Mountain Weather Information and Websites

Mountain Weather Information  and Websites

  • The Colorado Avalanche Information Center: This is the most comprehensive avalanche website in the nation. It has information on current avalanche conditions, weather, accident statistics and more.
  • A great resource on accidents, instructors, training, and more! Access any avalanche forecasting site in the nation from here.
  • Animated Jet Stream Forecasts: Super Cool graphic loops
  • 6 Hour Accumulation loops 180 hour/ 7 days out.Really really cool graphic loops up to 7 days out!
  • Nasa Earth Sciece Office:: Cool graphic loops and satellite imagery.
  • USGS Water Watch: This is a great website for water flow and river conditions throughout the state. Scroll over you location or go here for stream flow state wide.
  • Unisys Weather: Inferred Radar Western U.S.: Cool graphic loops and satellite imagery.\\
  • NOAA Pin Point Forecast: The National Weather Service Forecast. Go here to get a pinpoint forecast for your exact location in the mountains. Look for the forecast discussion. This site gives a good overview of weather patterns and their impact on the regions near your forecast site.
  • Durango Mountain Resort Weather: A pinpoint forecast for Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort. Click here for a webcam of what it looks like up at Purg.
  • Jet Stream: What is the jet stream doing?
  • Actual Data, Upper Air (Rawindsonde): This is not a forecast, but actual data. Rawinsondes are balloon instruments released every 12 hours that give weather data at various heights in the atmosphere. They include such information as wind speed, direction, humidity, and temperatures at different elevations. It also graphically illustrates cloud base, cloud top, freezing levels, and more. Forecast ridge top winds and temperatures: A great source for forecast models. Use the MM5 Real-Time forecasts on the left side of the page. Then Use the “36 domain” and under the product heading click 700mb. Use the “3 hours” interval. 700mb translates to approximately 3000m or 10,000 ft.
  • Utah Avalanche Center: Are you going skiing in Utah? Then check out the Utah Avalanche Center’s Site
  • Northern New Mexico Avalanche Exchange: Check this one out. Lot’s of people don’t even know it exists!
  • Mt. Shasta Avalanche and Weather: Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center website. Weather and avalanche information for the Mt. Shasta region.