Rock Climbing Utah

If you are you looking to take your rock climbing to the next level than come climbing with our AMGA Certifed Guides and AMGA Certified Instructors in Utah! The Moab area is a world renowned rock climbing mecca. Climbers travel from around the world to ascend the desert sandstone cliffs and towers. There is nowhere else on earth with a landscape similar to Moab’s. Kling Mountain Guides leads climbing trips to areas such as Castle Valley, The Fisher Towers, Wall Street, Indian Creek and Kane Springs Canyon.

The best time to go rock climbing around the Moab area is either the spring or fall. March – May and September – November. These two periods have the most comfortable temperatures for trekking and climbing. The nights are clear, cool, and perfect for gazing up at stars. The days are warm and sunny with temps ranging from the 60’s to 80’s, perfect for outside activity.

Wall Street and the Ice Cream Parlor

*Groups of 2 or more, costs are per person with two person minimum

Great for the new climber! These areas are perfect area for the family looking for some classic Moab fun! An adventure is guaranteed with great climbs for both parent and child alike. Ascend the sandstone cliffs. Then turn your head to get the magnificent view of the Colorado River.

Castle Valley:

Enormous sandstone towers help distinguish the Moab area from almost any other desert on earth! For climbers, these magnificent monoliths provide a unique climbing experience available nowhere else. Let Kling Mountain Guides help you reach the top of one of these spires. We lead trips up many of these towers with some of the most popular being:

  • Castleton Tower-This tower is a must have on any climber’s ticklist. The most popular route, the Kor-Ingalls (5.9) is one of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America. This tower sits in solitaire. From the summit one has a view overlooking hundreds miles of desert and sky. This impressive 400 ft tall tower sits on top of a 1000 ft tall talus cone. No matter the route, a climb of Castleton Tower is a full day. Along with the approach, it includes up to five pitches of crack and face climbing and three rappels back to the talus. We guide multiple routes on this classic tower including the Kor-Ingalls (5.9) and the North Chimney (5.9).
  • The Rectory– Fine Jade (5.11a) on The Rectory is another desert classic! This route follows a beautiful crack system up the tower’s south face for an impressive four pitches. Similar to Castleton, the view from this summit is unmatched.
  • Sister Superior– This tower sits approximately one mile north of Castelton and The Rectory and provides one the canyon country’s finest routes, Jah Man (5.10b/c). Our route of choice is the Jah Man route with five pitches. This route provides short pitches with short cruxes and easy rappels.

Fisher Towers-

This massive group of towers stands tall over the Colorado River. They are as unique a group as they are strange. The Titan tower, the groups tallest tower stands over 900 ft tall! We are able to guide multiple towers in the Fisher group. The most popular one however is Ancient Art and described bellow.

  • Ancient Art-Our main route of choice in the Fishers is Stolen Chimney (5.8 AO or 5.11a) on Ancient Art. If you have never climbed a tower before, then this is the tower for you! Four wonderful pitches get you over 500 ft off the deck and to the famous diving board and corkscrew summit. This desert tower classic is another must have for any climber!

Indian Creek Climbs

Our Indian Creek trips and courses are highly customizable depending on your needs. Trips range form single day guided ascents to multi-day climbing seminars. The single day ascents are focussed on fun and getting to the tops of climbs. The multi-day seminars are more educational based. Topics to be covered include; climbing efficiently, different jamming techniques, rope management, improvised rescue techniques, and more.

These trips and courses take place throughout the Creek utilizing a variety of climbs including:

  • Supercrack
  • Incredible Handcrack
  • Chocolate Corner
  • Elephant Man
  • Generic Crack
  • South Six Shooter tower
  • Lighting Bolt Cracks on North Six Shooter tower

Price Includes

  • AMGA Certified Rock Guide or AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor
  • Group climbing equipment (ropes, harnesses, all other technical climbing equipment, climbing shoes, first aid kits)

Price Does Not Include

  • Travel to Moab from your home location
  • 5% federal land use surcharge
  • Items of personal nature
  • Individual travel costs, delays, etc.
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Personal clothing or gear
  • Alcoholic drinks and personal snacks
  • Hotels before and after trip
  • Recommended Travel/trip cancelation insurance
  • Guide/ Staff gratuity

Climbing Equipment

  • Harness: This should be a UIAA rated comfortable all day climbing harness with four gear loops. The Camp Laser is our current favorite
  • Climbing Shoes: These should be comfortable all day sticky rubber climbing shoes. While extremely tight sport climbing shoes will work, we recommend the La Sportiva TC Pro.
  • Climbing helmet: This must be a UIAA/CE rated climbing helmet. The Camp Speed is our current favorite.
  • Nylon runner: This needs to be a 48 inch nylon runner.
  • Belay Device: Tube style belay device. We like the Black Diamond ATC Guide.
  • Locking Carabiners: (2)
  • Non-locking carabiner: (2)
  • Small backpack: This should be large enough to carry some food, water, a camera, your extra layer and your approach shoes. If you do not have one, don’t worry. We have packs that you can use. The Black Diamond Hollowpoint works great.
    Approach shoes: These should be comfortable approach shoes. These will be what you wear hiking in to the climb. The La Sportiva Boulder are a great shoe.
  • Socks: Synthetic or wool.
  • Climbing Pants: We recommend climbing in pants. These protect our legs more than shorts, and give us a wider variety of options for temperature swings. The Patagonia Rock Guide are a great option.
  • Synthetic T shirt: This will be what you climb in the majority of the time.
  • Mid weight long: Fleece or wool top for warmth in the chilly mornings over the t-shirt
  • Light weight jacket: This will be worn in the mornings and at the belays to protect from wind. The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer is a great option.


  • All abilities levels welcome.
  • Climbers should be in great physical condition.
  • There are dozens of climbs with different difficulties in Southeastern Utah. Please get in touch with us to talk about what climb is right for you.


  • Single and multi-day trips available

Registration & Cancelation

  • Unfortunately, due to extremely high demand we have a very strict registration and cancelation policy. We can not transfer you to an other program. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING TRAVEL INSURANCE! We recommend the TravelEx Insurance Travel Select plan with the Adventurer Plus Pak upgrade.
  • To reserve your spot on a domestic climbing or skiing program please fill out the enclosed application and return it to us along witha 50% deposit if applying more than 60 days out. If your trip/ course starts in less than 60 days please submit full payment.
  • Program fees are non-transferable.
    If notice of cancellation is given in writing at least 60 days prior to the trip start date, you will be refunded your fulldeposit except for a $50 processing fee.
  • If notice of cancellation is given in writing within 59 – 30 days prior to the trip start date, a cancellation fee equal to the deposit amount will be charged. If notice of cancellation is given in writing less than 30 days prior to the trip start date, a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the program fee will be charged.



Year Round


Single day to as long as you want


Moab, Castle Valley, Indian Creek

Cost – Desert Towers

1:1 – $450
2:1 – $265
3:1 – $200

Cost – Moab Cragging

1:1 – $400
2:1 – $195
3:1 – $175
4:1 – $150
5:1 – $130                              6:1 – $100

$75 charge for single day and single person trips

Client to Guide Ratio

Up to 6:1 climber to guide ratio depending on program


Beginner to expert